Sunday, 5 March 2017

Running Commentary

The running commentary for this week:

Weight - too much

Diet - again, too much birthday cake (but that's the celebrations done now so no more cake)

Exercise - 75% of sessions done but still the volume is not there. On a plus note I've re-started doing short yoga sessions to work on my immovable hips. Need to adjust my plan now to up the mileage.

Sleep - varied from 1 night of 7 unbroken hours to 1 night of 3 very disrupted hours - the challenge of parenting very small humans. Needless to say I've had some tough days.

Mood - post sleep deprivation = sh*tty, otherwise generally controlled by caffeine. Running is not making me especially happy just now as it feels like I'm not progressing enough or not fitting in the training I want = frustrating. Away from my shoddy running I'm generally 'Larry'.

Songs for the past 5 days (since last post)
Wednesday - Chvrches - Bury it
Thursday - Jack Savoretti - Home
Friday - Rachel Platten - Fight Song (after listening to a really awesome podcast with my new favourite inspirational ultra runner.
Saturday - Leftfield - A final hit
Sunday - Maroon 5: This summer

Three month countdown to SDW100. Hmm, could do with six...

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