Friday, 6 December 2013

"Speed bump" to 'slow coach'

It was a great privilege to be featured in the recent article by Fiona Russell in the Daily Record about the benefits of running during pregnancy.  I have received a really positive response to the article and I was even asked for a few autographs from my lovely friends who like to take the mickey ;-) .

I don't know how much keeping up the running has resulted in an easier pregnancy (so far) and how much is simply chance but I am really happy to have been able to keep on running this second time around.  Every pregnancy, every birth, every mother and every baby are different and often the way things happen is just down to 'the luck of the draw', but it is important to do what we can to maintain our own health and that of the baby where it is possible.
With that in mind I set myself some running goals for this pregnancy.  These goals of course were not set in stone and I was always going to take one day at a time, particularly after my experiences with my first pregnancy.  My first goal was to run beyond the 18 weeks I managed the first time round.  I achieved this back in September and every run since then has been a bonus.  My second goal was to run every Dumfries Running Club monthly 5km handicap race since finding out I was pregnant.  I wanted to see how the pregnancy affected my running and have some official statistics for it.  My results are as follows:
April - 22:35
Pregnancy results
July               - 24:47
August          - 27:01
September     - 27:06
October         - 26:55
November     - 29:38
December      - 37:48
After an initial slowdown, my times plateaued for 3 months and then got dramatically slower.  The later times coincided with the real growth periods of my bump.
Running that final handicap last night was really good fun despite the time it took me.  After the shocking winds of earlier in the day the evening was calm and with temperatures hovering around freezing.  Parts of the route were a little slippery but I took my time and I was determined to enjoy this final race.  All the other members of the club who were running and time-keeping were really supportive and encouraging and I couldn't help but smile the whole way round.  It's times like that when I really appreciate being a member of such a great running club.  I even got a big cheer from everyone when I finished, even though I was last again ha ha.  I think that must be either the fourth or fifth time I have finished last this year but I couldn't have cared less.  It was a great feeling to get that final 5km race of the pregnancy/year done and dusted.
My third and final goal is to take part in the DRC Xmas 5 Mile handicap race next weekend.  I will be 30 weeks pregnant. I can't wait.  I will be setting off early with Annabel in the buggy and my friend Margaret will be keeping me company the whole way round (because she is lovely like that).  I have a Santa hat for me and one for Annabel and I will be wearing a Santa Claus coat (size XL to cover the bump) to wear and my new Santa baby t-shirt to wear.
My thoughts had been to stop running after the 5 mile race and I think my bump is definitely getting rather large but I am still tempted by a wee Christmas Day run and a wee New Year's run.  I will wait and see though.  After next weekend I will be perfectly happy either way.  if I stop running I will just be doing lots of walking instead. 
Since it is December I just wanted to say good luck to all the Marcothoners out there.  I am with you all in 'spirit'.  Maybe next year I will be able to do it again.