Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Starting again, again.

Tomorrow is the first of March (and the start of Lent for those of that persuasion) and I feel like I'm starting again. Training has been stop/start and the lack of consistency makes me feel like I'm still stuck on the starting blocks. Running has repeatedly had to take a backseat when more important 'life-stuff' has got in the way, and often as a result I find myself not running when really I should be, and could be. And that's where the guilt starts and I beat myself up for my lack of willpower, motivation or commitment.
So tomorrow I have a threshold session on my plan, and I need to make tomorrow day 1 of  the plan to get to the SDW. I only have 5 weeks to be ready for some major mileage runs planned so getting some quality and consistency is key right now.
Time to sort out my head and sort out my training.

Weight - too much.
Diet - too much birthday cake.
Exercise - not enough.
Mood - feeling the running guilt
Song of the day - Ed Sheeran - Castle on the hill.