Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Ultras are about people - a few extra thoughts from the Fling.

Here are a few wee thought's that I thought I would put separately to my main race report.

  • People make ultras.
  • Ultra runners are amazing people.
  • Ultras are the friendliest of races full of comradeship and mutual respect.
  • My friends Maggie and Peter ran the Fling as their first ultra.  And they were AMAZING!!
  • My other fellow DRC members running the race were full of support and enthusiasm when I had none left - they are pretty awesome.
  • DRC member Ali was running her first 50 miler and she rocked! She is going to do so well with her other races this year - I am so excited to watch her progress. She just gets better and better.
  • Susan is great at many things.  Her talents include being an awesome training partner, top notch pre-race banter, motivational speaking during the race and expert application of vaseline.
  • The organisation of the Hoka Highland Fling was like nothing I have ever experienced before.  It really is a class event and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone wanting to run an ultra.  I cannot praise it enough.
  • Scotland is bloody marvelous.
  • Scotland is beautiful, and sometimes a wee bit brutal.
  • Tailwind Nutrition (naked flavour) is the bees knees!
  • There is always time for a bit more vaseline.
  • We should always try and look up and take in the view.
  • There is always a place for a John Kynaston spreadsheet.
  • Monument Photos are a fanastic company letting us have their photos for free!
  • Highland Fling goody bags are the best out there - all killer, no filler.
  • My legs still hurt....

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