Saturday, 14 February 2015

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Almost 12 months ago my little boy Daniel was born, and I've barely had a minutes rest since.  You think life is busy when you have one child, then along comes number two and, if you find the time, you ask yourself how you ever thought you were busy when there was only one child! ;-)

Whilst on maternity leave I had a major digital clear-out of my blog and social media and I was looking to make a fresh start.   I have been back at work for months now and I have still not got around to that fresh start.  This is so symptomatic of life as a working, ultra-running parent of two. Life is 100% crazy, but when you see those little faces smiling up at you, you wouldn't want it any other way.  Who wants easy, predictable and mundane anyway?

Most blog posts from here-on will probably be about as short and sweet as this one: I don't have time to be typing out 'Paradise Lost' every week.  My time is spent with my family, working, and running (and that is literally it!) but hopefully it will still be worth a read.

My two time managers! #lovefamily


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