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I started running in 2005 by taking part in the Race for Life.  This is a series of women's 5km events that take place in the UK every year to raise money for Cancer Research.  I was a complete beginner and had to walk for almost half of the race!  It took me over 30 minutes.  No natural ability here!!  I didn't run again for over 6 months!

Then I decided to run one again in 2006.  I didn't want to end up walking again so I joined my local club Dumfries Running Club.  As well as making some amazing friends I gradually gained fitness, stamina and some confidence.  I ran the whole way in my second race, and that was a 5 mile race called the Holywood Stroll.  I was hooked.

A year later (2007) I ran my first marathon in Fort William - the Lochaber Marathon - and I was over the moon at finishing in 4:32.  My fellow club members who were also racing that day (one of whom was to become my husband - see, running really can change your life!!) challenged me to do another one and the target was sub 4 hours at Loch Ness. Challenge accepted. Result delivered - 3:57. Happy days.

The Lochaber Marathon was more than just my first marathon.  That was the weekend that the ultra seed was planted in my brain.  On the journey up to Fort Bill you travel alongside (and across) the West Highland Way. I was mesmerised.  I had already decided that even though I hadn't even completed my first marathon, one day I was going to run that race! Utterly ridiculous thought at the time, and probably still as ridiculous 3 years later when I finally dragged myself across that finish line in Fort William after over 25 and a half hours to claim my first West Highland Way Race goblet (2010).  It is one of my most prized possessions.

That's the long and short of how I became an ultrarunner.

I have since become a mum to a beautiful little girl Annabel born in October 2011 and I am now trying to balance working, (ultra)running and being the best mum and wife I can.

The story continues...

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