Sunday, 2 June 2013

Wharfedale Off-Road Marathon fell race 2013

Every single race I have run since Annabel was born has been sunny, and almost all having been ridiculously hot. It's crazy.  People really need to start planning their holidays around where I am racing. (I will keep you all posted on where I plan to race next...)

Wharfedale off-road Marathon continued the trend, and despite wearing factor 50 sunblock (because my skin has barely seen sunlight since last summer due to the awful spring weather we have had) I still ended up sunburnt.  I have a wedding to go to next weekend - I may need to rethink my dress to hide the marks.

Photo from Woodentops

In brief, the race was hot and painful.  I have had knee trouble for the past couple of weeks and that flared up during the race. 2675 feet of ascent (and also descent) will do that.  But I also had pain throughout my legs, chest and back.  It was completely expected.  I haven't run off-road in months and I haven't run proper hills since last August (at the Devil). 

Photo from Woodentops

Despite the pain and the resulting shocking time I ran, the event was all I expected with a super high quality field due to the race being the English team selection trials for the 2013 World Long Distance Mountain Running Championships.  I have to say I felt completely out of place amongst all those wild-looking fell runners.  They look so hard core - tanned, toned, lean and confident - I felt like a right old frump and tried to avoid standing too close to any one for fear of looking like an elephant amongst the mountain goats.

As expected the course records (male and female) were broken. Ricky Lightfoot ran a spectacular 2:33! Mind boggling.

Photo from Woodentops

I'm pleased I ran the race.  The main lesson I learnt was that without consistant quality training and race specific training any event of substantial distance is going to hurt.  So if you don't want it to hurt so much you have to miraculously find the time in an already chock-full schedule to do the appropriate training.  Simple.  But not easy.

Hmm, maybe I should still to 5 mile road races for a while ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Debs M-C

Maybe you should try the trail 10K at the Worlds Champ in Anglesey next month. We're going there for a wee break and I would love some nice weather ;-)

Well done, missy. Looking great in the pictures